Cute Hello Kitty Bedroom Decor Ideas for Girls

Hello Kitty is a cute cartoon character from Japan. The cartoon character is very popular in many countries, including US. Hello Kitty is loved not only by little girls, but also by teenage girls. Well, the main topic of this article is about Hello Kitty bedroom decor ideas. Enjoy reading!

Pink is the color often associated with Hello Kitty. If you want to bring Hello Kitty theme in a bedroom, then you can begin by painting the walls with pink color. The next step is adorning the walls with Hello Kitty and flower wall decals. You may also stick the wall decals on a bed’s headboard. Pink and white bedding set with polka dots pattern can be a nice choice to complement the bed.

The second picture shows a Hello Kitty-themed bedroom that’s more suitable for teenage girl. The bedroom has white walls and wood floor. There is white metal bed frame in the bedroom. Black and white striped bedding with lovely pink accent dresses up the bed frame. The striped bedding also comes with a large cute Hello Kitty image. Small white side table with storage stands beside the bed. A table lamp decorates the side table.

Move the third picture, you can see a lovely and marvelous girl’s bedroom with Hello Kitty theme. A round pink bed becomes the focal point in the bedroom. You can find a white Hello Kitty pillow on the round bed. There is also a Hello Kitty image on the round bed’s headboard. The round bed even has a round roof with pink sheer curtain. Pink and white chair with heart-shaped backrest stands near a glass window. A small Hello Kitty rug lies on floor in front of the chair. If you’re a girl who loves Hello Kitty, just make it as the main theme of your bedroom!

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