Feminine Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

The key of decorating a girl’s bedroom is to create feminine look. If you can create beautiful feminine look in a girl’s bedroom, then you can be considered successful in decorating the bedroom. The following are feminine girl’s bedroom decor ideas to inspire you.

The first girl’s bedroom looks very beautiful and feminine. There is mural of blue sky with white clouds on the girl’s bedroom ceiling. Small white-painted beams are even installed on the ceiling. Pink and white chandelier hangs from one of the beams. Green and white patterned wallpapers adorn the bedroom walls. A small white loft bed with stair and drawers create unique look in the bedroom. A cute little girl doll is put on the stair. Striped bedding set in pink, white and green colors complement the loft bed. You can find white trundle bed with floral bedding set on space under the loft bed. A white desk with drawers decorates the bedroom corner. Lovely pink and white table lamp is put on the desk. You can even find a decorative bird cage on the desk. Glass window with striped valance brings natural light into the bedroom. Potted yellow flowers beautify the windowsill.

There are two small white bed frames in the second bedroom. I think the bedroom can be very suitable for twin girl. The bedroom may have simple design, but it also has beautiful and feminine impression. Pretty pink and green bedding sets with polka dots pattern dress up the small white bed frames. A little girl doll adorns one bed. There’s a nightstand with table lamp in the middle of the beds. Round flower-themed artworks hang beautifully on wall behind the bed. Glass window with pink sheer curtains lets in natural light, helping the bedroom to appear brighter.

If you are trying to decorate a girl’s bedroom, I hope the above ideas can really inspire you. However, you need to know first the girl’s personality because the ideas are more suitable for a feminine girl.

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